Day #10 – Trapper DLC Update Red Dead Online… (WE NEED THIS)

Hey everyone! In this video we talk about the Trapper eventually coming to Red Dead online in a new dlc update for RDR2 online and what types of thing swe can expect the trapper update to bring. I want to turn this DLC Update suggestions video series into an official playlist so let me know down in the comments what other new dlc updates you would like to hear me talk about in future videos! I can do it in post commentary, live commentary or cut commentary form! In the trapper dlc update hopefully we get to purchase and craft exclusive legendary animal outfits as well as do trapper and hunting missions and even take part in hunting challenges across the free roam lobby and Rockstar needs to also add trapper and hunting leaderboards to track the master hunters of Red Dead Redemption 2 online. Thank you for watching and make sure to smack that like button if you enjoyed!


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