Day #23 – Red Dead Online is CHANGING.. (New Red Dead Online DLC Update)

So there is a new Red Dead Online update coming February 26th. This new Red Dead Online update will include daily challenges, law and bounty changes and upgrades, new parley and feuds improvements and changes, as well as plenty anti-griefing measurements like new and improved player blip icons. The varmint rifle is also getting NERFED! R.I.P. Varmint Rifle everybody. If you are excited about this new Red Dead online Beta update drop a like and subscribe if you want to see more Red Dead Redemption 2 Online dlc update videos like these in the future. We also have 2xp and other cool content additions coming next week before the new RDR2 Online dlc update release. I am so happy that now players will have a reason to grind the game again in this brand new Red Dead 2 Online update.

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