Day #17 – This is BAD NEWS for Rockstar Games… (Loot Boxes)

In this video we talk about potentially BAD NEWS for Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive, and us fans of Red Dead Online. Michael Condrey has taken a new job at 2k Games, owned by Take Two Interactive which is parent company of Rockstar Games to develop a new ye to be named studio. I can see this man getting a position at Take Two Interactive in the future if this studio is successful and if that is the case then he will have direct control and influence over Rockstar Game sand will force extra monetization like loot boxes and supply drops in Red Dead Online, GTA Online, and Rockstar Games’s future titles. Let me know what you think about this video and your own concerns for Michael Condrey weaseling his way around the industry infecting companies with his awful and unethical monetization practices. Michael Condrey is a man who skulks around like a dentist with the ether and we should all do what we can do kick him out of this positive gaming world lol. Thanks for watching!

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