7 Amazing Benefits of Starting a Youtube Channel

youtube_logoSo, you have probably spent hours researching benefits of starting a Youtube channel.  I know I spent hours researching all the benefits of a Youtube channel.  Once I finally realized that I wanted to start a Youtube channel, I started looking into exactly how to start a successful Youtube channel.  Starting a Youtube channel is a pretty easy process, and although planning how you want your channel to look can take some time and energy, this article should help you recognize the benefits of putting in that effort and starting a super successful Youtube channel of your own!  Here are 7 amazing benefits to starting a Youtube channel…



There is nothing more awkward then setting up a camera in front of you and talking straight into the lens.  So many people cringe at the thought of themselves talking to a camera to create a Youtube video for their Youtube channel.  This type of activity does push you to get outside your comfort zone though.  The best way to learn is to always push yourself a little further when you do something.  That way, when you come back to it, you are more comfortable doing it.


Starting a Youtube channel gives us a powerful creative outlet.  Alfonso gets to discuss his passion for cars with his global audience and he also gets to add pictures of his favorite cars in his Youtube videos.  At the same time, Sarah gets to make video blogs on her beauty products and market herself as an expert in her field.  Everyone can use Youtube to further explore their passions and eventually use the website as a platform to promote their business.


Making video content is the new “thing” to participate in in today’s digital world. Regularly refreshed video content on a website like Youtube is an amazing way to stand out.  There are lots of people writing blogs on their passions, but less make videos on those passions.  It is time to start modernizing your blog and compliment it by starting a Youtube channel of your own.


Starting a successful Youtube channel can add another source of revenue to your already existing blog.  You can achieve this by using Google’s Adsense program or through the new Youtube Red system.  There are also plenty of ways to entice an audience to purchase something, and starting a Youtube channel is a perfect way to access said audience and add another source of revenue to your blog.


Creating video content when you start a Youtube channel encourages a level of community building and close personal connection.  Your viewers get to post comments and interact with each and every video you make on the Youtube channel you started.  These same viewers can also interact with each other in the comments section and they can either LIKE or DISLIKE your video by pressing the thumbs up or thumbs down icons (Although make content so your viewers feel compelled to press the LIKE button.)


A nice perk of adding videos to the Youtube channel you started is the extra traffic source it adds to your brand.  If you already have an established and credible blog, and you are looking to start a Youtube channel, expect to see your blog drive traffic to your Youtube channel in the start.  That is just the way it works.  However, if you stay consistent and work both hard and smart at creating video content for the Youtube channel you started, then in time you can start to drive more traffic to your blog by starting a Youtube channel.


An amazing benefit of starting a Youtube channel is to give your audience more content. When people visit, read, and subscribe to your blog, they want to consume your content. This works the same way with Youtube.  A user can visit the your channel, consume your content by watching your videos, and then if they want, they can subscribe to your Youtube channel and receive updates via email notifications. Start a Youtube channel and give your audience more content and you will soon start to see the amazing benefits of creating that Youtube channel.



That is all there is to it! These are 7 amazing benefits to starting a Youtube channel that I took notice of and wanted to share with you.  Now go out there, start a Youtube channel, and you will, in time, start to see these amazing benefits take shape in your Youtube channel.

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New university: First semester at a glance

I transferred schools in between freshmen and sophomore year. Yea, I was one of those kids.  I originally went to Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.  It was a nice school.  I went to a small private high school so being at a smaller size university was nice. The campus was only a mere 58 acres. I could walk across campus to class in under 5 minutes and that was very nice during the cold winter months.

Presidents Hall. A special landmark of the SHU campus.

SHU was a big communications school. It featured the usual broadcasting, radio, and journalism tracks as major focuses.  The business school is also very impressive.  But it just was not my style.  I was looking to be immersed in an environment where students wanted to tell stories visually and creatively challenge themselves every day.

That is where I found SMU in Dallas, Texas.  Southern Methodist University is a crazy university to put it bluntly.  All the students come from very affluent families and I am not trying to brag when I say that.  In fact, being surrounded by very well off kids is a super motivating.  It is the challenge I was looking for.

Dallas Hall at Southern Methodist University. My new college.

My classes are incredibly hard and I found myself in the sophomore slump mid way through October until mid November.  That was a very tough time.  I am not really sure if I just overthought it or if was genuinely challenging but I realize now it was for the better. I feel so much more focused on what is important to me and I retained the information my professors taught me throughout the semester.

I am excited for the 2nd semester, because typically it features more unique courses and the weather gets very pleasant as summer approaches.  Relationships with friends are also more solidified after the Christmas break.  It is just overall a great time and I am quite curious to see how my 2nd semester at SMU unfolds.

If I were to have done one thing differently this semester, it would have been to spend more time with friends.  I was very driven to perform well in my classes and constantly refresh my Youtube channel with new content.  Friends and my social life were my third priority and although I spent tons of time with them, I wish I did even more so.

Overall, I loved my first semester and the remaining 5 I have left I will make even better.

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