Day #29 – ABUSE THIS EXPLOIT NOW in Red Dead Online Before it’s TOO LATE… (RDR2 Online Glitch?)

So in this new Red Dead Online video we are exploring a potentially game breaking exploit that allows any Never Without One player (Or anyone for that matter) to re-equip their hat in Showdown. And I am not talking about respawning with a hat. Because when you have NWO III you always respawn with a hat regardless of posse outfits or not (In team based matches). With this new exploit this allows you to bypass the posse screen and still access posse outfits. I am not sure if this is a Red Dead Online glitch or not. This Red Dead Online Showdown exploit is highly effective and you must abuse this exploit right now in red dead online before its too late! I think it will get patched in Tuesday’s update. Thank you for watching and enjoy me raging at the input lag going on in the game currently xD

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