Day #61 – The Last of Us 2 HUGE REVEAL Incoming… (TLOU2 News and Information)

We have a HUGE LAST OF US 2 REVEAL waiting for us right around the corner. Welcome back to the best Last of Us channel on Youtube and today’s TLOU 2 news and information consists on some announcements from Naughty Dog’s Vice President and old Creative Director Neil Druckmann. He has revealed to us that Laura Bailey has wrapped her motion capture and she is speculated among The Last of Us community to be playing a MAJOR character in Last of Us Part II. Who does she portray exactly? We do not know yet. But her work for The Last of Us 2 is COMPLETE. That means Naughty Dog is very close to finishing The Last of Us Part 2 and there is a huge announcement and huge reveal waiting for fans once Days Gone releases April 26. Could we expect a Last of Us 2 Gameplay Trailer after? Watch this video to find out!

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