Day #31 – So.. Here’s The New Red Dead Online DLC Update…

Wow, so heres the new Red Dead online DLC Update. This is what we got. What do you think of this new dlc update in Red Dead online? I swear its always one step forward and two steps back. I welcome all the new content, but I am not a fan of how Rockstar specifically leaves out drip feeding in prior updates. I love drip feeding. Its what keeps the hype alive for new Red Dead online updates. But this game so desperately needs it all right now we are not in the state of the game where we can have drip fed content shared with us. The game mechanics were overhauled in Showdown and that was a big surprise to me as well. Please keep submitting Rockstar feedback! Lets make this game great! Thank you for watching my new Red Dead online update DLC video.

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