Day #23 – Red Dead Online is CHANGING.. (New Red Dead Online DLC Update)

So there is a new Red Dead Online update coming February 26th. This new Red Dead Online update will include daily challenges, law and bounty changes and upgrades, new parley and feuds improvements and changes, as well as plenty anti-griefing measurements like new and improved player blip icons. The varmint rifle is also getting NERFED! R.I.P. Varmint Rifle everybody. If you are excited about this new Red Dead online Beta update drop a like and subscribe if you want to see more Red Dead Redemption 2 Online dlc update videos like these in the future. We also have 2xp and other cool content additions coming next week before the new RDR2 Online dlc update release. I am so happy that now players will have a reason to grind the game again in this brand new Red Dead 2 Online update.

Day #22 – Welcome to Red Dead Online 2019!

Hey everyone! In this Red Dead Online video, we play showdown series PVP in RDR2 Online and slap some noobs! I use the Varmint Rifle, Litchfield Repeater, Lancaster Repeater and Semi Auto Shotgun in both of the showdown gameplays in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online and I also show you guys the best pvp showdown ability cards to use to make sure you get a tons of kills and win all your games!Let me know what other Red Dead online videos or showdown videos you would like to see in the future! Thank you for watching.


Hey everyone! in this video we use the Springfield Rifle which is one of the best weapons in Red Dead Online! Its slow but deadly! The Springfield Rifle is a god gun in Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer that you must unlock! Try it out, upgrade it, use the right ability cards and I am sure you will be dominating your competition with this really powerful sniper rifle in RDR2 Online! Let me know what you think down in the comments!!

Day #20 – The LANCASTER 2.0 … (BEST WEAPON) Red Dead Online

In this Red Dead Redemption 2 online video we are playing with the Lancaster Repeater as the Lancaster 2.0 and we dominate both games! The Lancaster is definitely the best weapon in Red Dead online especially because Slow and Steady is becoming more popular and the Varmint Rifle is not that effective anymore. Let me know what you think of this Lancaster 2.0 best weapon down in the comments and what Showdown PvP video you want to see next! Also, what do you think the best Red Dead online weapon is?

Day #19 – WEAPON GLITCH in Red Dead Online…

In this Red Dead Online Showdown PvP Gameplay video I go on a high killstreak while trying to record a video about a certain weapon but while doing so I encounter a WEAPON GLITCH and Rockstar removed weapons from my loadout! Has this happened to you? Like the video and comment down below if it has. That was so strange. Either way, the gameplay was really entertaining so I decided to turn this into a video. Let me know what you guys thoughts about this Red Dead online weapon GLITCH video!

Day #18 – Far Cry New Dawn – LAUNCHES IN ONE WEEK! Everything You NEED To Know! Far Cry 6 Release and Gameplay

Hey everyone! In this video, we talk about Far Cry New Dawn Releasing in 1 week. I also share everything you need to know about far cry new dawn and far cry 6. This video features far cry new dawn gameplay news and information as well as the official far cry new dawn trailer in re-cut! Thank you for watching and let me know if you want to see more Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 6 videos!

Day #17 – This is BAD NEWS for Rockstar Games… (Loot Boxes)

In this video we talk about potentially BAD NEWS for Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive, and us fans of Red Dead Online. Michael Condrey has taken a new job at 2k Games, owned by Take Two Interactive which is parent company of Rockstar Games to develop a new ye to be named studio. I can see this man getting a position at Take Two Interactive in the future if this studio is successful and if that is the case then he will have direct control and influence over Rockstar Game sand will force extra monetization like loot boxes and supply drops in Red Dead Online, GTA Online, and Rockstar Games’s future titles. Let me know what you think about this video and your own concerns for Michael Condrey weaseling his way around the industry infecting companies with his awful and unethical monetization practices. Michael Condrey is a man who skulks around like a dentist with the ether and we should all do what we can do kick him out of this positive gaming world lol. Thanks for watching!

Day #16 – The *UPGRADED* Semi Automatic Pistol in Red Dead Online… (NEW BEST WEAPON!?)

In this video we play with the upgraded Semi Automatic Pistol and I show you guys how this could very well be the new best weapon in Red Dead Online Showdown series! This new best weapon is the Semi Automatic Pistol if you upgrade the Semi Auto Pistol completely. Buy new rifle barreling and some other attachments to upgrade your Semi Automatic Pistol to make this weapon the new best gun in red dead online!!

Day #15 – The Truth About Red Dead Online..

In this video we talk about everything Red Dead Online and try to discover its TRUTH. We talk about Red Dead Online updates, the future of RDR2 Online, how Rockstar plans to keep players attention throughout the lifespan of Red Dead 2 Online,a nd lastly we discuss a good direction Rockstar can take Red Dead Redemption 2 Online in because a GTAO in the Wild West will NOT work in the long run. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!!

Day #13 – The Last Of Us 2 – RELEASING FOR PLAYSTATION 4 and Remastered for Playstation 5? (TLOU2 PS5 & PS4!)

Hey Survivors, welcome back to another The Last of Us 2 and TLOU2 video where we discuss Last of US 2 releasing for Playstation 4 vs PS5 and if TLOU 2 will be REMASTERED on Playstation 5 later down the line. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on this topic so please feel free to leave some feedback down in the comments section! If you want to see more The last of US 2 videos please smack the like button! Have a great day Hunters and Fireflies!