Day #48 – LeMat Revolver RETURNS to Red Dead! New Red Dead Online DLC Update! (New Red Dead Online DLC Weapon)

Hey gang! In this video we are talking about the new LeMat Revolver DLC Weapon coming to Red Dead Redemption 2 Online in the new Red Dead online DLC Update later this Spring! The LeMat Revolver was featured in Red Dead Redemption and was an awesome weapon and now the new dlc revolver returns as a NEW DLC Weapon in Red Dead 2 online! If you want more DLC weapons in new RDR2 online updates make sure to drop a like and let me know down in the comments!

Day #47 – New Red Dead Online 1.07 Title Update BROKE THE GAME! Red Dead Online 1.07 Patch Notes! (New Update)

So the new 1.07 Title Update just released for Red Dead online on Monday and it totally broke the game! Red Dead online went OFFLINE for almost the entirety of the day time and fans were furious! No consolation or good will money or gold from Rockstar either. That is a typical practice from game developers when the game does not function properly for some reason or another. Oh well. The new 1.07 update is one of the many Red Dead Redemption 2 online updates coming over the next 3 week sand the 2nd major update for Red Dead 2 online was announced today by Rockstar and you can find that video linked below if you would like to watch it!

Day #46 – New FREE REWARDS in Red Dead Online Today (New Red Dead Online DLC Update) Red Dead Rewards!

In the New DLC Update that arrived today in Red Dead Online Rockstar brought new fishing challenges free roam events, new clothing and more free rewards for Red Dead Redemption 2 online players! This is a continuation of their weekly care package free rewards for Red Dead 2 online and it usually coincides with the new content added in each weeks drip fed DLC Update. I hope you guys enjoy and make sure to get out and go hunting to take advantage of the 30 percent XP boost for those who hunt in Red Dead 2 Online all throughout this week! Find the 2nd Major DLC Update for Red Dead Online announcement video I was referring to at the beginning of the video down below.. Thank you for watching!

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Day #45 – HUGE NEW RED DEAD ONLINE DLC UPDATE ANNOUNCED! 2nd MAJOR Red Dead Online DLC Update Confirmed (RDR2)

So here is the 2nd major new Red Dead Online DLC Update coming this spring 2019 to Red Dead Redemption 2 Online! This new Red Dead 2 Online update brings tons of new Red Dead online features and activities and that I will detail here in the description..

-New Hostility System
-Offensive and Defensive Playing Style Options
-More Land of Opportunities Online Story Missions
-New Free Roam Mission Givers and Stranger Missions
-New Introduction of Dynamic Free Roam Events
-New DLC Weapon ‘LeMat Revolver’
-More Daily Challenge Restructuring and
-Character Creator Changes and new updates

Read the New DLC Update Rockstar Newswire HERE:

Day #44 – ROCKSTAR ACTUALLY DID THIS in Red Dead Redemption 2… (Secret Graphics Downgrade Update)

In this video we talk about the secret graphics downgrade that cam in the new update for Red Dead Redemption 2. Yes, Rockstar actually did this… they actually implemented a secret graphics downgrade in the latest update and players are only starting to just notice now. The game definitely looked off when I played and when I checked out the article I was amazed. These is yet another sneaky move by Rockstar and their habit of changing major things in the game unannounced truly is leaving fans with a bad taste in their mouth. I am not in support of this at all. Some people speculate it is because of performance issues which is why we are receiving the graphics downgrade, but why was this not done within the first couple days at launch? Why is this being done at the end of February/middle of March all of a sudden in silence? Something is fishy here. Let me know you thoughts in the comments below!

Day #43 – So There’s A New Red Dead Online DLC Update Coming Tomorrow… (Red Dead Online DLC Update)

Tomorrow in Red Dead online we have a new update on the way that will bring new DLC clothing, new DLC game modes, possibly the fishing challenges and more in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. We only have a few more weeks left of this drip feed and I am really excited for the next big update after 1.06 to get announced. Which of the new game modes or fishing challenges do you guys think will be included in tomorrow’s update? Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed the new Red Dead 2 Online dlc update coming tomorrow!

Day #42 – New PROPERTIES and VEHICLES Coming to Red Dead Online.. (Red Dead Online DLC Update Leaks)

Hey gang! In this video we are talking baout the leaked Red Dead online Properties and Vehicle DLC! This new Red Dead online dlc content was leaked before Red Dead Redemption 2 Online beta even released! We are revisiting these leaks because 4 months later Rockstar still has not confirmed or even officially announced a Red Dead Online properties and vehicles dlc for the game. Maybe the vehicle and property dlc leaks were fake, maybe they were real. We dont know! Nonetheless, check out Rockstar Intels link below and decide for yourself!

Day #41 – The New Red Dead Online DLC Update Coming Tomorrow… (New Red Dead Online DLC Update)

Hey gang! In this video we are talking about the new dlc update coming TOMORROW. Are you excited for the new Red Dead online DLC Update? In this new Red Dead online update we are expecting one of the brand new showdown game modes and some of the new drip fed red dead redemption 2 online clothing come to RDR2 Online. I am very excited for this Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer new update and I want as much DLC content to release tomorrow as possible!! Thank you for watching.

Day #40 – How To Get *FREE GOLD BARS* in Red Dead Online! Get Free Red Dead Online Gold Bars (Free Gold Bars)

Hey gang! In this video I will be showing you how to get free gold bars in Red Dead online. Rockstar recently updated their newswire detailing a fast and easy way to gete free Red Dead online gold as long as you follow their few simple instructions. I have the tutorial on how to get free gold in Red Dead online detailed below so please follow those steps if you want to get your hands on some Free Red Dead online gold bars for you and your friends! Thank you for watching!

Day #39 – EVANS Repeater vs LANCASTER Repeater! (RED DEAD ONLINE BEST WEAPON FACE OFF) RDR2 Online Weapons!

In this Red Dead Online video we put the Lancaster and the Evans head to head in RDR2 Online to find out which is the better repeater. Is the Lancaster Repeater the best weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online or is the Evans Repeater the best weapon in Red Dead 2 Online? You are here to help me answer that question and please let me know down in the comment which repeater you think is the best gun in RDR2 and which gun you prefer using! Thank you for watching and let me know what 2 weapons you want to see next in the Red Dead online best weapon FACE OFF!