Day #52 – The NEW Red Dead Online DLC Update… New UP IN SMOKE Gamemode & Clothing (Red Dead Online Update)

Hey gang! Welcome back to a new Red Dead Online video and a new Red Dead DLC Update! Today in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online we have the new up in smoke game mode added in today’s new RDR2 update and also some new clothing including my BENBOW JACKET. FINALLY! So Up in Smoke, the new Red Dead Online DLC gamemode that cam ein the brand new update today is fun if you play on Lanik Electrical but otherwise if you play on great Plains or Dewberry Creek its the same as SOW, lots of wide open spaces that make no sense for 3rd person PvP gameplay, no one pushes up to attack the objective because of auto aim, and slippery bastard spammers that rush obviously because they can. Its a carbon copy of SOW except you dont need to run a bag back to your spawn, you just rush to the other teams base. Drop a like if you enjoyed and subscribe if you are new!

New Update Red Dead Newswire:

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