Day #28 – The *HUGE* NEW DLC UPDATE Coming to Red Dead Online… (New RDR2 Online DLC Update)

On Tuesday Feb 26th we have a huge new update coming to Red Dead online. In this update we have tons of new dlc content to enjoy! 2 new weapons, 3 new pvp game modes, 2 horse race modes, 1 new free roam event, a plethora of new clothing and emotes, and the daily challenges, law upgrades, parley changes and anti griefing measures players have been waiting for for a while. In this new Red Dead online update you can expect to find all this huge new dlc in the latest update and I hope you all stick around so you can enjoy the new RDR2 Online dlc update videos I will be making next week showing off all the new dlc coming to Red Dead Redemption 2 online.

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