Day #59 – INSANE GOLD BAR GLITCH Red Dead Online! DON’T DO THIS in Red Dead Online… @RockstarGames

There is a huge INSANE Red Dead online gold bar GLITCH that is preventing players from earning their gold bars and gold nuggets in Red Dead online from completing their daily challenges. This is an insane gold bar glitch right now and I really hope Rockstar is quick to fix this gold glitch Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

UPDATE: Apparently no one is earning XP, Money or GOLD BARS for hunting or completing stranger missions as well. What the heck is going on in Red Dead online! Now I really hope Rockstar will fix this gold glitch in Red Dead because they are asking support ticket sender to also send video proof… Is Rockstar doubting the player base? Who knows, I think they want video evidence so they can appropriately diagnose the issue. This is just lame overall though. Thank you for watching!

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