Day #45 – HUGE NEW RED DEAD ONLINE DLC UPDATE ANNOUNCED! 2nd MAJOR Red Dead Online DLC Update Confirmed (RDR2)

So here is the 2nd major new Red Dead Online DLC Update coming this spring 2019 to Red Dead Redemption 2 Online! This new Red Dead 2 Online update brings tons of new Red Dead online features and activities and that I will detail here in the description..

-New Hostility System
-Offensive and Defensive Playing Style Options
-More Land of Opportunities Online Story Missions
-New Free Roam Mission Givers and Stranger Missions
-New Introduction of Dynamic Free Roam Events
-New DLC Weapon ‘LeMat Revolver’
-More Daily Challenge Restructuring and
-Character Creator Changes and new updates

Read the New DLC Update Rockstar Newswire HERE:

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