Day #41 – The New Red Dead Online DLC Update Coming Tomorrow… (New Red Dead Online DLC Update)

Hey gang! In this video we are talking about the new dlc update coming TOMORROW. Are you excited for the new Red Dead online DLC Update? In this new Red Dead online update we are expecting one of the brand new showdown game modes and some of the new drip fed red dead redemption 2 online clothing come to RDR2 Online. I am very excited for this Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer new update and I want as much DLC content to release tomorrow as possible!! Thank you for watching.

Day #40 – How To Get *FREE GOLD BARS* in Red Dead Online! Get Free Red Dead Online Gold Bars (Free Gold Bars)

Hey gang! In this video I will be showing you how to get free gold bars in Red Dead online. Rockstar recently updated their newswire detailing a fast and easy way to gete free Red Dead online gold as long as you follow their few simple instructions. I have the tutorial on how to get free gold in Red Dead online detailed below so please follow those steps if you want to get your hands on some Free Red Dead online gold bars for you and your friends! Thank you for watching!

Day #39 – EVANS Repeater vs LANCASTER Repeater! (RED DEAD ONLINE BEST WEAPON FACE OFF) RDR2 Online Weapons!

In this Red Dead Online video we put the Lancaster and the Evans head to head in RDR2 Online to find out which is the better repeater. Is the Lancaster Repeater the best weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online or is the Evans Repeater the best weapon in Red Dead 2 Online? You are here to help me answer that question and please let me know down in the comment which repeater you think is the best gun in RDR2 and which gun you prefer using! Thank you for watching and let me know what 2 weapons you want to see next in the Red Dead online best weapon FACE OFF!

Day #38 – The New DLC Weapons Are PERFECT.. (Red Dead Online DLC Weapons)

Hey gang! In this video we are playing some Red Dead Online PvP Showdown using all 3 new dlc weapons in Red Dead online. The Rare Shotgun was added in last weeks dlc update, The Evans Repeater is brand new to Red Dead Redemption 2 Online TODAY, and The High Roller Double Action Revolver was introduced to Red Dead 2 Online right at the beginning of the game when it launched. We wreck some people up in this showdown match using the new dlc weapons so let me know down in the comments which one is your favorite new DLC weapon in RDR2!

Day #37 – HOW TO GET BETTER AT RED DEAD ONLINE PVP! Best Weapons & Aim Settings! (Red Dead Showdown PvP Tips)

Hey gang! In this Red Dead online SHowdown PvP tips and Tricks video we talk about the best pvp tips for best weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online and the best controller settings and aim settings in Red Dead! This is a how to improve at Red Dead online and how to get better at PVP Showdown video and I hope you all enjoy and find these tips helpful and useful! Let me know your questions about Red Dead online down in the comments for episode 2!

Day #36 – The New Update Coming TOMORROW in Red Dead Online.. (New Red Dead Online DLC Update)

Tomorrow we have a new update in Red Dead online bringing lots of new content, game modes, perhaps the new Evans Repeater, and other new clothing, emotes, free roam events and possibly some secret new updates. In this video we talk about the content we want to see come in the new Red Dead online dlc update. What would you like to see in the new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online?


Hey gang! Beware and warning! There is a new cougar duplication method that will provide you with a 100% working money glitch money xp for infinite and unlimited money in Red Dead online currently and this video is a warning to all my fans out there DO NOT DO THIS UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH. You’re account will be affected in some way in the future I can almost promise you that! Rockstar has a long history of resetting accounts who excessively exploit their game and since this is the first real infinite money exploit and unlimited money glitch in Red Dead Redemption 2 online I feel as though they will take SEVERE ACTION against offenders who try to get Red Dead Unlimited money using this money glitch! Be careful. If you do partake, please understand you are doing so at your own risk. Getting reset for attempting to cheat any game for unlimited money or xp will hurt you in the long run and I don’t want to see your account wiped over something so silly! You have been warned!

Day #34 – This is like AIMBOT… NEW BEST ABILITY CARDS in Red Dead Online!

Hey guys in this video I show you the best PVP ability cards to use in Red Dead Online Showdown it is practically like AIMBOT! This new Showdown ability card combo is the best ever if you use them in the right situations so I surely hope you use these amazing Red Dead 2 multiplayer ability cards. If you like this best ability card combo Red Dead online let me know down in the comments! Have a great day and thank you for watching!

Day #33 – What Happens When You Complete ALL DAILY CHALLENGES in Red Dead Online… (New Daily Challenges)

What happens when you complete all the new daily challenges in Red Dead? I answer that question in this video! The new daily challenges update brought really fun and exciting challenges and objectives for players in Red Dead online to complete but what bonus or reward do you get for completing all the daily challenges in any given day in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online? Find out in this video! Thank you for watching!

Day #32 – EVERYTHING that CHANGED in Red Dead! Red Dead Online 1.06 Patch Notes! Red Dead Title Update 1.06!

Hey gang! In today’s Red Dead online video we are reviewing everything that CHANGED in Red Dead online in the new Red Dead Redemption 2 Online title Update 1.06! This is the new RDR2 Online 1.06 Patch Notes! Thank you so much for watching and let me know what you think of the new Red Dead Update and new Red Dead 2 Online patch!!

Here is the FULL 1.06 Patch Notes for Red Dead Online: